3 Website Redesign Steps to Increase your Site’s Organic Traffic

Impact of Website Redesign on Website’s Traffic

Garnering consistent and high volume of quality traffic is an ongoing race that every SEO company tries to win. However, not many reach the finish line. When it comes to the generating organic traffic for your website there are a lot of factors that play a key role. The right research combined with the right resources and the right people can bring tremendous results for your company. The challenge is that you understand the process and implement it step by step to create a systematic strategy for overall website. This article focuses on the importance of website redesign and how it can help you amplify the organic traffic for your website.

Website redesign includes myriad elements that offer a combined affect on the outlook and usability of the site; however, there are 3 basic ingredients that redefine the design for a better output. Before we discuss the 4 main elements, let’s quickly look at what are the things that you should focus on for website redesign.

  • Branding: The overall outlook and feel of the website
  • Web Strategy: On-page, off-page and development strategy
  • Design: web page template, design and development
  • Content: web content for each web page

The 3 Steps for Website Redesign

  • Keyword Research: Many SEO Dubai companies offer an extensive process of keyword research, but not every professional is the jack of all trades regardless of the claims. When redesigning, ensure that your SEO strategist conducts a thorough competitor keyword research to find the keywords that will help you stand out amongst the competition and target the right audience.
  • Content Marketing: Content marketing encompasses various forms of content, audio and visual, and its marketing through myriad online channels. The right strategy for content marketing defines the visitor retention, which is why it is crucial to outline a content marketing strategy during website redesign stage. Content marketing strategy should outline the content type that will attract the right target audience. Well-tailored content combined with user-centric website design can do wonders for your website; in fact, it would not be wrong to say that with right content marketing strategy and flexible website design, you can get more people to find your content.
  • User-Centric Design: A good design elicits the right action from the visitors. User-friendly website design empowers your visitors to journey through the web pages and content without a hassle, which directly contributes towards increased traffic. It is important to remember here that website redesign encompasses more than just the color scheme and the structure of the website; a good design has the perfect mix of everything to create flexible usability.

Website redesign can help you fill the gaps that hinder your online success. With the right keywords, proper content marketing strategy and a user-centric design, you can ensure that your target audience finds you without any hindrances. Professional website designers can help you outline a website redesign strategy that works best for your business. Rely on professional designers and SEO specialists to get the maximum results for you redesign campaign and see the change that you wish to see!

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