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Five facts of SEO you may not have heard

Any business owner trying to promote his business online in Dubai would know the importance of SEO. Search engine optimization or SEO is an ever changing field and it is very important to keep yourself updated with every changing facts of SEO in order to promote your business online.

Here are five facts of SEO you need to know for your online business to grow in Dubai.

Learn about Google’s algorithms

One of the major facts of SEO is that the content of your website has to be at par with Google’s standard in order to appear on top of Google’s list. Google is continuously changing its algorithms and you need to be aware of its criteria. Gone are the days when keywords were enough for a website to show up on Google. People over the years abused this option and now Google does not choose a page just because it is filled with keywords. However, this does not mean that key words are not important. You need to use keywords strategically and wisely.

Social media has its importance

Social media over the years have gained immense popularity in Dubai and other parts of the world. However, it is not merely a place for social interaction anymore. Social media is often used to promote businesses. Having shares in social media websites and getting comments is a great way by which you can get Google to pick up your website. Google picks up what is trending on social media websites and if your content is being shared on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc then chances are that it will appear on Google as well.

Be mobile friendly

Smartphones are widely used all across Dubai as well as the rest of the world. Due to their mobility more and more users in Dubai are turning towards their cell phones for internet access. Having internet on mobiles has made it much more convenient for users to visit websites and therefore having a mobile friendly website is likely to get you more visitors.

Be consistent

Creating a user friendly and mobile friendly website is not enough. You need to make sure that your website contains quality content and then maintain that quality. You need to keep updating your website every day. Add new content regularly to keep the visitors engaged. Be consistent otherwise your website will get lost in the sea of online content.

Be unique

There is a lot of competition online and you need to stand out in order to be seen. Personalize your website in a way that would make you unique. Your website should offer something that is not available elsewhere and if your website has something new and different then Google will pick it up.

All these SEO strategies will help your website become visible online, however if you are not sure of what you need to do then you can easily find a good SEO agency in Dubai to help you. There are many SEO agencies that can help you create a website fit to be on top of Google’s list and investing in these agencies is not a bad idea.


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