Five Hacks to improve your Google rankings in UAE

Five Hacks to improve your Google rankings in UAE

Businesses in UAE are growing everyday which is why many business owners are looking into this region for investments. There is a huge competition and in order to get noticed business owners need to study the market and undertake the required measures to promote their business.

In today’s age of technology, one of the best ways to promote your business in UAE as well as other parts of the world is through the internet. Internet usage is common in UAE and almost every uses it to search for different companies and their products and services. Therefore, in order to get people to notice your company or business, it is necessary to be on top of the Google’s ranking.

Anyone who is familiar with Google and the way Google rankings work would know the importance of SEO. In order to effectively optimize your website, you need to have a well thought out SEO strategy to improve your Google ranking.

Here are five useful ideas on how to increase Google ranking

Focus on quality

When you talk about how to increase Google ranking, you must never overlook content. Good quality content will always outweigh mediocre or poorly written content. Although there is a lot of competition as far as online market is concerned, however, if your website’s content is of good quality you have a better chance of getting picked up by Google. It is one of the basic of an effective SEO strategy. A user friendly website is more likely to attract traffic.

Add links and insert images where required and keep your website as simple as you can. People do not like websites which are too complicated.

Update frequently

A lot of times business owners create websites but fail to update it on a regular basis. It is absolutely necessary to be active on your website and keep updating it with latest information. This includes your personal information as well. Your website should have your current contact information so that potential customers can contact you if they have any queries regarding your services. If you lose interest in your website then readers will lose interest too.

Check your keywords

Keywords play an important role in generating traffic for a web page. In order to attract more people to your website it is necessary to do a thorough keyword research and then use the ones that are related to your content. If you are targeting the market in UAE then using UAE as one of the keyword would also increase Google ranking.

Create a mobile friendly site

Thing have changed over the last few years with the evolution of the smartphones in Dubai. It has become almost essential for websites to be mobile friendly as internet traffic for mobiles is almost the same as the internet traffic for desktop or laptops. A website which is mobile friendly will definitely attract more potential clients for your business.

Use social media

Social media sites like Facebook, Google plus, Twitter etc are extremely popular worldwide and UAE is no exception. Promote your websites on these platforms to get extra exposure. Websites shared on social media sites are more likely to show up on Google.

You can take the help of any SEO company Dubai in order to get the best solution to how to increase Google ranking. SEO services in UAE are not hard to find; you just have to choose the right one.



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