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How to Get More Website Traffic through the Right Content Type

Understanding the types of content that drive the most traffic

Content is King. If you happen to be an online marketer or a search engine specialist, you must have heard this phrase a lot. Unfortunately, most online marketers do not understand the importance of this phrase and what it actually entails. Research shows that content is the single most important ingredient that can guarantee site traffic. It is true that there are a lot of components that collectively contribute towards the online visibility of a business, but you cannot neglect the importance of content. In this article, we will look at the different types of content that can help you bring more traffic to your website.

Content type 1: Inforgraphics

Visual content always makes a lasting impression; our brain retains 90% of the visual content that we see on a daily basis. Research shows that visual content is more likely to garner the attention of the target audience than written content. Infographics are a great way to portray your content in an engaging manner that immediately retains your audience’s interest in your brand. Utilize infographics for product explanations and summaries to give your audience a quick look into how you can help them.

Content type 2: Numbered Content (lists)

Numbered content, lists blog posts, provide an easy read for the users which results in higher number of likes and shares. Research shows that lists blog posts generate more social media likes and shares that ultimately increase a brand’s awareness. SEO services Dubai specialists recommend a regular list blog post to boost the social media shares for an augmented SEO result.

Content type 3: Videos

As mentioned above, visual content creates 2x more impact than the text. Videos are a great way to get your message across to your audience for a substantial reach. More than 70% of mobile phone users watch videos every day. This represents a great opportunity for online marketers who want to get their message across to the right audience. With video content your chances of reaching your audience are potentially higher.

Content type 4: Product reviews

Another important type of content is customer testimonials and reviews. Potential customers trust online reviews that come from real people. According to a recent research study, around 62% of the customers read online product reviews before making their decision to buy a product.

Content type 5: Interviews

Interviews and Q&A sessions with industry professionals are always a sure-fire way to create engaging content for your customers. Choose topics that your customers care about the most. If possible ask your customers to send in their questions regarding your product and services, and address those questions with thorough answers.

A good content plays a crucial role in your overall SEO campaign.  In fact, it would not be wrong to say that content is essentially drives 80% of the traffic towards your website. Talk to your SEO consultant or specialist today to make sure that you have a proper content strategy in place for your online marketing.

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