How to get started with SEO for your Startup

4 White hat SEO techniques to get started with for your startup

Starting up in Dubai can be an overwhelming challenge for entrepreneurs and those business owners who want to scale up their business for increased revenue across borders. There are a couple of things that are of supreme importance when it comes to boosting your new business’s growth. These can include financial planning, fund allocation, team building, and marketing. There is no doubt that all of these elements make a successful strategic plan, but there is only one thing that actually plays a crucial role in helping you augment your startup’s success and that is SEO.

Here are the 4 white hat SEO techniques that you need to get started with:

  1. Start with on-page SEO: Many novice business owners make the gruesome mistake of starting out with the wrong step. In strategic planning for your business, every step is equally crucial, but what matters the most is the sequence of those steps; you should know what needs to be done first to make sure that primary tasks get done first. One such primary task is on-page SEO. Ensure that your website has a strong architecture that makes it easy to navigate. In addition, ensure that your web pages get indexed by Google.
  2. Devise a content marketing strategy: This step may seem difficult for those who aim to focus more on development and design. Content marketing strategy or plan is the layout of content types that you will be utilizing on various channels, including your social media. This planning step helps align your strategy with your company’s goals and requirements. Many SEO companies in Dubai offer content planning and marketing services that can help you align your content strategy according to your business goals.
  3. Startup guest blogging: Blogs are an excellent way to garner the right traffic for your website. However, don’t just stick with your website’s blog; try guest blogging for increased brand awareness. Guest blogging always pays off in the end. At the beginning of your SEO campaign, include guest blogging as a consistent part of the strategy to raise awareness about your products or services through postings on other quality blogs.
  4. Create Social media strategy: Social media channels play a key role in creating brand awareness and services’ promotion. Integrate your social media strategy with your SEO strategy to boost the relevant keywords. Apart from brand awareness, social media plays an important role in lead generation, conversions and natural link creation, which ultimately leads to online prominence. Work on your social media strategy from day 1 and do not forget to launch it along with your website.

White hat SEO entails SEO practices that are deemed appropriate by Google and therefore are encouraged. Make sure that you utilized white SEO techniques from the very beginning to increase your website’s rank for better online prominence. The use of right SEO tools and techniques, in the beginning, can help you create a strong foundation for your business that will continue to generate desirable results for you in the future. Find an SEO consultant today to increase your startup’s chances of success.

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