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How to Use Explainer Videos to Boost your Company’s SEO Ranking

The Role of Explainer Videos in SEO Ranking

Explainer videos are one of the most significant digital marketing tools of this era. They can supplement your overall Search engine optimization campaign to give you rankings a sudden boost for an increased online exposure. Research shows that company’s who have explainer videos on their websites are more likely to get more visitors who convert into customers. Let’s see how these explainer videos can help you boost your company’s SEO ranking and produce a better result.

Before we go any further, first, let’s look at what exactly is an explainer video.

An explainer video is a short video that means explain the brand message of your company. In other words, it helps your visitors or potential customers understand about your company and its services.

Explainer videos can be used in a creative way to create a compelling brand message that garner’s the interest of potential customers. Explainer videos not only inform your customers about your services but also help them understand the usage of your online platform to make the purchase process easy. It is essentially a simple and easy way to connect with your audience and share your offering through the comprehensible visual medium. Now let’s look at how your company’s explainer video can help you improve your SEO rankings.

Google Values Sites with Engaging Content

Many SEO companies in Dubai follow Google’s guidelines when it comes to ranking websites. Google algorithms are complex to understand even by most advanced SEO agencies. But all SEO experts agree on the fact that no matter how complex the algorithms get or how hard it becomes to decipher what content Google ranks higher, the engaging content always gets the higher rank. Google algorithms monitor website visitors and the amount of time they send on the site. If the visitors stay longer, it tells Google that the website is hosting content that is useful for the specific visitors.

Google puts more emphasis on sites that have video content simply because videos are far more engaging than the audio or text content.

Explainer Videos Create Substantial Buzz

Research shows that having an explainer video on your website creates 58% more traffic as compared to other digital marketing tools. As mentioned above, video content is known to create substantial buzz for companies and their services. According to scientific data, individuals are more likely to retain media content than the other types of content. This gives you tell market I was a chance to create abusive content that their target customers cannot hold you remember but easily recognize.

Explainer videos are extremely productive forms of video content. They can help you build your campaign and help create the right exposure for your company services.

Video Content Educates Customers Better

The medium that you use to education matters a lot when it comes to you educating your customers or the target audience about your products and services. Blog posts, infographics, and podcasts are all various means of delivering important information to the customers in a way that is easy to understand. Explainer videos a far more effective in delivering the content than the various other methods mentioned above. With an explainer video, you can easily create a fun and engaging video content that utilizes illustrations and diagrams to convey the message in a limited amount of time.

The purpose of explainer videos is to take the essence of your brand message and incorporated into a visual illustration that is easily comprehensible by an average visitor. Your SEO strategists can help you create the outline for the messages that need t be created in a video format. It is important to remember here that the structure of the content can make the video effective for your target audience. Therefore, your content strategy should include micro strategies for video content.

Explainer Videos Generate Inbound Links

Videos do more than just introduce the company and its services. They are the simplest and most effective tools to get your audience’s attention right away so you can direct them to your company’s services.

Now you must be wondering how explainer videos actually create inbound links. Explainer videos are easy to share than the other content. When you share your videos you get free promotions that are associated with people who liked your explainer video. When you share your explainer videos and there being liked by people, you increase the chances of its shareability across different social media platforms.

When you post your explainer videos to your YouTube channel, make sure that you use a thumbnail that attracts visitor’s attention. Creative thumbnails can help you direct visitors’ attention to your video.

Explainer Videos can go Viral

Not all videos go viral but explainer videos have a good chance of going viral. Videos that go viral usually have high engagement level that propels the visitors to share the content. This also helps with the backlinks, as discussed above. If you can create your company’s explainer video with the high level of engagement, you can increase the chances of exposure.

Are explainer videos good as a standalone strategy?

Explainer videos are not much effective as a standalone strategy for your SEO ranking. However, when used as a supplemental to for your SEO campaign explainer videos can help you garner the interest of potential customers and help you increase your exposure and therefore your return on investment.

When it comes to helping your potential customers understand your brand and its offerings, explainer videos do an effective job. With a creative visual content, you can ensure that your customers not only get the message you are trying to convey but also retain it for a long time. This is can help you improve customer retention over time. Talk to your SEO consultant today, and see how you can formulate the video content for your specific company requirements. In the beginning, it may seem that the results of this are trivial, but in the long run, they will impact your overall ranking along with the other SEO techniques and tools.

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