SEO Mistakes that can derail your SEO Rankings

How to Use Search Engine Optimization the Right Way

Studies suggest that 85% of the internet users never scroll past the first search engine page. It means that the challenge for you as a digital marketer is to ensure your company pages rank on the first page. This requires advanced SEO techniques and tactics that can put you on the map for increased visibility and more visitors. Using poor techniques and outdated tactics can easily push your brand in the last pages with minimum to zero exposure.

This post highlights 8 SEO mistakes that may derail your SEO rankings and reduce your changes of significant visibility and leads. Many SEO companies in Dubai offer services that can help you avoid these mistakes and build a better SEO strategy for your company’s future.

  • Neglecting Content Quality

Content is King, has always been and will always be.  The biggest mistake digital marketers make is to ignore the quality of the content that is shared through company’s various digital channels. User engagement is exceptionally important, but you also have to remember what search engine bots are looking for. Each page of your website should have at least 400-500 words of quality content. The optimum word count is around 700-1000 words.

Content quality includes a lot of things, including content structure, narrative, spellings, grammar and fact-checking. High-quality content always seeks to provide a solution to customer specific problems through reliable information. Your content strategist and editor can help you ensure that your content passes the quality test. This can significantly improve your rankings and help you build an audience in the long run.

  • Lack of Proper Content Strategy

Your content strategy defines the type of content that will be shared across different channels to target your specific audience. In order to make sure that your audience received the content, you need to strategize and come up with the plan that promises consistency in delivery. A proper blog strategy is a key to creating useful content with relevant keywords. Failing to have a consistent blog strategy can reduce your chances of managing your content strategically, which can impact the quality and the overall outcome.

  • Employing the Wrong Keywords

The wrong keywords are the irrelevant keywords that do not define your company’s products and services. Utilizing the wrong keywords does not bring the right, relevant traffic and therefore does not produce significant leads that could propel your business forward.

  • Ignoring Index Bloat

Around 35% of the time the leads you receive will suffer from index bloat. This usually occurs because of too many thin pages that were created for blog posts that offer little value to the visitors. In addition, poor optimization can also lead to archive and media pages being indexed.

  • Neglecting User Engagement

User engagement defines your users in trust in your content and your site and its services. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that user engagement can guarantee long-term customers. Companies who seek to answer their uses questions and provide a solution for their problems and more like me to receive a better result in the long run. Longer content with videos, images, and infographics tends to do better on search engines as compared to content that is shorter and lacks engaging visuals. Neglecting user engagement techniques can easily harm your SEO strategy and your overall SEO results.

  • Ignoring Title Tag Optimization

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make as a digital marketer is to not optimize your textual content. It is recommended that you use your primary keywords in the major headings across your company’s home page and subpages where Search Engine Optimization is required. The heading tags include H1, H2, and H3. Optimizing these three tags with relevant keywords can substantially increase your search engine rankings.

  • Using Duplicate Content

Duplicate content can kill your SEO efforts and bring down your site in most damaging ways. If your website has one or more pages that have similar content, the search engine will get confused and your pages will end up competing with each other for the top rank. Duplicate content can easily be a mistake. This is why website audit is crucial on a regular basis. The audit ensures that your website is ready for search engine rank; it has successfully incorporated all the important components that make ranking easier and faster.

  • Keyword stuffing and lack of high-value keywords

Google algorithms are much more advanced and smarter than they were a decade ago. They can easily recognize the sites that use keyword stuffing as a regular technique for optimization. Since the algorithms are smart enough to recognize, they can easily penalize your site for overstuffing irrelevant keywords. So the right thing to do is to use your relevant keywords appropriately across the content shared through your digital channels.

Another most common mistake that can affect your SEO ranking is the wrong use of title tags. The title tags should include your company’s product description instead of your company’s name. In addition, optimizing for a broader audience can also jeopardize your SEO rankings. Always have a focused optimization goal and ensure relevant keyword usage to target your specific audience.

Keep your website properly optimized with right title tags, relevant keywords and quality content for improved SEO rank. Talk to an SEO consultant in Dubai to create a strong optimization strategy according to your business requirements. Without the strategy, you are just shooting in the dark. Spend your time and money wisely and let a specialized consultant help you strategize your next move.

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