SEO training: Course Modules and why you should consider training

Garnering SEO training for successful SEO campaign

Are you starting up a startup to finally fulfill your dream of having a venture of your own? Dubai’s highly growing infrastructure for new startups has made business formation extremely easy for those looking to do their own thing.  However, it may not be as easy as it may seem.  Startups require proper SEO and online marketing campaigns that contribute towards consistent ROI.  SEO training programs are a great option for entrepreneurs who are looking to expand their knowledge regarding SEO and online marketing. This post highlights the various prominent modules of SEO training that can help you make a better SEO and online marketing campaign for your business.

SEO and successful online marketing

Before we get into the modules, it is important to first mention why you need to consider SEO and online marketing training.  As mentioned above, search engine optimization is a key ingredient of digital marketing to help you get substantial online visibility that can produce results. A proper SEO strategy and online marketing activities help you place your keywords so they become prominent in top results of Google’s search engine.

Without the proper search engine optimization and online marketing strategy it is impossible to garner sales revenue through your website. SEO services in Dubai help you understand your requirements for a healthy SEO strategy and online marketing. Many SEO consultancy companies, such as IBGDigital, offer both SEO services and training to give you the right mix that prepares you for online success.

Modules of SEO training

The basics

  • Introduction to Search Engine Optimization
  • Understanding search engine commands
  • Understanding the working of Search Engine

Google ranking and Keywords

  • Google Ranking Algorithm
  • Keywords
  • Understanding Google Keyword Planner Tool
  • Keyword selection for specific business
  • Introduction to Search Engine Results Page
  • Understanding Keyword Stuffing
  • Content optimization
  • Understanding Keyword Placement

Google Analytics and Content

  • Google Analytics: Analytics code integration, analytics setup and traffic analysis
  • Social media optimization
  • Link building and structure optimization
  • Understanding directory submission with guidelines
  • Understanding Meta data optimization
  • XML sitemap optimization
  • Understanding Google Webmaster Tools
  • txt optimization
  • Introduction Dreamweaver Software
  • Guest Blogging
  • B2B Classified submissions
  • Press Release distribution
  • Introduction to HTML
  • Understating blog commenting
  • Using the FTP software
  • Understanding article submission with guidelines
  • Contextual link building
  • Understanding forum posting

SEO training can help you acquire a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of search engine optimization and online marketing in order to devise a plan that easily integrates with your company’s requirements for a successful business. Make sure that your SEO training comes from highly specialized group of individuals who not only have the right certification, but also have the right skill set and experience to give you the right training for optimizing your website. Increase your chances of success in today’s highly competitive industry through proper SEO and online marketing training. To learn more about SEO training and its modules, visit:


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