Five tips for better SEO copy writing

Five tips for better SEO copy writing

SEO and copy writing go hand in hand when it comes to content marketing. SEO is essential for a website to appear on search engines and copy writing is essential to provide information to the users. Google is continuously evolving and new algorithms are being introduced by the search engine every now and then. Internet usage is increasing around the world and more people in Dubai are turning towards the internet for getting all sorts of information.

There is a lot of competition online and at times it is hard to know whether your content is good enough to appear on search engines or not. Here is a compilation of some effective SEO copy writing tips that can help you improve your content.

Improve your SEO copy writing

Content that is needed by the readers and that provides them with the precise information is created through the art of Copy writing. When you have your content then SEO ensures that this content appears on search engines. Your content must be properly optimized if you want it to remain among the top searches of any search engine. SEO copy writing ensures the longevity of your content.

Choose a catchy title

The title of any content is the first thing readers notice which is why it is important to choose a title that would grab the reader’s attention. The title should be explicit of the content and catchy at the same time. Moreover, it is important that the title is SEO friendly so that the content can be picked up by search engines.

Do not worry about keyword density

There was a time when keywords were the sole reason behind the visibility of any content on search engines. However, that is not the case anymore. Keywords are still important but it is not necessary to fill the content with keywords in order to be picked up by the search engines. Use keywords naturally and don’t force them into the content. As long as your keywords are relevant, your content will be picked up.

Formatting is important

Formatting of your SEO writing is important for attracting readers. If your content is cluttered and without paragraphs then chances are that the readers will not take the pain to read it. Write short but meaningful paragraphs. Add bullet points or insert sub-headings. Make your content easy to read and ad images where required.

Share your content

Social media is not just for networking anymore; you can use it to expand your business’ reach as well. Social web sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc are immensely popular in Dubai and they provide a great platform for sharing content. Sharing your content on the social media would bring traffic to your content and the more shares your content gets the more likely it is to appear on search engines.

These are just some tips that can be used to improve your SEO content writing and make it appear on search engines like Google for a longer period of time.



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