SEO trends in 2015

Looking back to the top SEO trends in 2015

Over the years Dubai has become the hub for small and big businesses. In order to be noticed it has become essential for these businesses to have a web presence. To ensure that your website has maximum reach it has become important that the website is Search Engine Optimized.

SEO is an important part of online marketing in Dubai as well as the rest of the world. That is the main reason why having just a website is not enough.  You need to have a specially designed SEO strategy

With 2015 coming to an end, we look back to the best SEO trends in 2015. Here are a few valuable SEO strategies 2015, which can benefit your website even in 2016.

The top SEO strategies 2015 saw:  

Focus on mobile optimization

With the evolution of smartphones more and more people are turning to their mobiles for online browsing. Mobile traffic these days is almost as high as desktop traffic. Therefore, having a mobile friendly website will be highly beneficial for businesses as people can easily browse through them while on the go. Optimizing the mobile traffic is also necessary because if your website takes too long to open on the phone, your potential customers will abandon your website very easily.

Google is not the only option

Website developers and business owners need to keep in mind that although Google is the most popular search engine till date, however it is not the only option. There are other search engines like Yahoo and Bing etc which are quickly gaining momentum. Yahoo is the official search engine for FireFox. Moreover, Google’s contract with Safari is ending and there is a possibility that either Yahoo or Bing will get the spot. 2015 was the year for business owners in Dubai to focus on other web engines and make sure that their websites appear on them along with Google.

Social Media

Social media has evolved over the years and it is not just a social platform anymore. Social media is a great place for business owners in Dubai to advertise their products and services and make new connections. Social media gives business owners the opportunity to expand their horizons and reach out to more potential customers.

Be strategic with keyword usage

Keywords play an important role towards attracting traffic to any website; however it is important to use the right keywords. Be specific with the keywords in order to get noticed in the online world. You must know which keywords is relevant to your website and then use it as per SEO guidelines.

User friendly website

It is very important for any business to have a website that is user friendly. Having a complicated website is likely to turn away potential customers. Business owners also should keep in mind to make simple URLs for their websites, which are easy to remember.

These are just some of the SEO strategies 2015 that business owners can keep in mind and work on to promote their businesses in Dubai as well as the rest of the world. However, these are not necessarily the only steps that business owners can take; there are other strategies that can be undertaken for the purpose as well.


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