Why content matters in SEO

Why content matters in SEO

Key to a successful website in Dubai or anywhere else in the world is traffic! Search Engine Optimization or SEO helps the visibility of the websites by making them appear on search engines like Google and Yahoo. The more a website appears on the search engines the more visitors it gains and its popularity as well as revenues increase. However, it is essential that the quality of the website’s content is good enough to be able to appear on the web pages.

There was a time when a website used to be optimized for search engines without any major focus on content – mediocre content was enough. Stuffing content with unnecessary keywords became a common practice because the key purpose of these websites was to attract advertisers and get ad revenue. But soon that trend changed and now thankfully content is of great value in SEO today. That is why in order to be noticed you need to develop an effective SEO content strategy in Dubai.

How to improve quality when writing content for SEO

Quality of the content for SEO can be improved by following a well thought out SEO content strategy. SEO content strategy means that the content should follow some measures to ensure that it will be picked up by search engines. There are many experienced and qualified web developers in Dubai who can help you churn out a great strategy for your website.

Here are a few things you can do to ensure quality content;

Quality Control

When you write SEO content for readers from Dubai or other parts of the world, you should always focus on quality. Content has to be free of mistakes, informative and interesting.

Right use of keywords

Any SEO expert in Dubai will tell you that you should not stuff your content with keywords instead they must be used as per SEO rules. Keywords have been misused by many web developers who use popular keywords even when their website content doesn’t relate to it. You may get many visitors early on; however with this strategy you may not be able to maintain that traffic and remain a popular website in Dubai. So the key to creating quality SEO content is to not only use the keywords right, but also use the right keywords – there is a difference when you read carefully.

Know your references

Apart from using the right keywords, your website content should include references where applicable and backlinks if required.

Remember the key to your website’s success is traffic and you can only get traffic when you provide quality content. The term quality is quite broad when it comes to websites; it not only refers to error free content, it also means that your content should be unique, up to date and honest.

If you do not update your website content, you will end up losing traffic. Moreover it does not reflect well on the service or product your website offers.

You can have a perfectly optimized website, but if your readers do not like what they read they will leave eventually. Quality content is important for sustainable growth of your website or online business. Yes, keywords may put your page on top, but it will soon disappear if your content disappoints the reader.

You must provide content that is not just content for SEO, but for your readers.

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