Why do Page 1 Search Engine Ranking matters when it comes to online visibility

Search engine ranking and its importance

In this day and age, it is quite impossible to achieve a substantial market share without going online.  Search engine marketing has been around for nearly a decade and it has been evolving ever since and yet some novice business owners failed to recognize it’s important for their growing businesses. Your search engine rank defines your brand’s online visibility that contributes towards the buying process. Being on the first page Google simple means that you have more product/service visibility than your competitors, which also means that you have a higher chance of reaching out to your target audience and convert potential customers into buying customers.

It all starts with online search

Many business owners don’t understand this fact: more than 90% of the buying processes start with an online search. So, you can’t neglect it. With an increased number of online e-commerce stores and business outlets, the buying process has completely changed for consumers. Today, customers browse for their products and services online usually through mobile search.  This has created a list for online businesses who want to be prominent in front of the customers who are searching for products and services daily true internet search. SEO services in Dubai are geared towards offering you the first page ranking that you need for your brand’s success.

Why ranking on the first page matters

As mentioned above, online search is extremely crucial when it comes to reaching out to target audience for better product promotion and sales; therefore, getting your website to rank on the first page of Google becomes important. Google provides around 12 billion searches every month, and around 1.17 billion new searchers utilize it every month. Being the biggest and most powerful search engine in the world, it gets more than 66% of the US search market, and around 81% of the mobile search market.

The keywords and their importance in ranking

Keywords appear in Google search results and represent the most commonly used words that customers choose to find a certain product or service. A good SEO strategy requires a good selection of the words that represent your products or services for better exposure. The right keywords contribute towards better a search result, which helps in ranking your website in Google’s first 10 rankings. When customers search for the right keywords, they get directed to your website URL.

When your website gets ranked in Google’s first 10 results your brand’s chances of substantial visibility increase that ultimately leads to better reach and sales in the long run. Many SEO digital agencies in Dubai, like, offer extensive online marketing services that cover everything from SEO strategy to online content marketing to help you rank on Google’s first page. These specialized services are geared towards boosting your site’s ranking for better results.

Better Google rank is a sure-fire way to increase your brand’s online visibility. Consult with a SEO consultant to increase your chances of online prominence through better website ranking today to build a strong foundation for substantial future growth.

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