How to Loot Your Competitors’ Backlinks

How to Loot Your Competitors Backlinks - ibgdigital

Backlinks are essential, as they are one of the factors Google uses to rank web pages on its search engine. They are probably the reason why your web competitors seem to be thriving, while you struggle to stay relevant. However, the fact that your competitor has plenty of backlinks is not a bad thing. That is because the people linking to your competitor would be more than happy to link to you, especially is you create better content.

Before we proceed, you must understand who your competitors are. There are two types of web competitors, domain and page-level competitors. The domain-level competitors compete with you for several search term on various pages, while page-level competitors overlap with your page on particular keywords.

Here are the top 3 tactics to help you outdo your competitors;-

Find out your competitors’ homepage link

The key to beating to competitors is by learning why and where they are being mentioned, then copy them. To do this, follow the following steps;-

  • From the spreadsheet, enter one of your competitors, ideally on a domain level, into the site explorer.
  • Add a do follow or the content filter at the backlinks report.
  • A list of your competitor’s backlinks will be displayed.
  • Sift through the list to answer the above questions

Identify your competitors’ guest posts

Guest blogging is one of the simplest ways to build a profile for your webpage. You can pinpoint your competitors guest posts using two simple tactics;-

  • Take advantage of Google

Thankfully, Google has a unique advanced search queries feature that allows you to find your competitors’ guest posts with ease. There are various queries you could try, with the most common and effective one being, “Author name” + “guest post” – site: – site: https: //twitter. com

  • Use reverse image search

Again, Google tries to make it easy for you to beat your competitors by providing a unique reverse image search that allows you to find posts containing the author’s headshot. Notably, this method can also be used to discover experts’ contributions.

Discover your competitors’ fanatics

Some people cannot get enough of your competitors’ content. Every time a new post is put up, they are there to read it without fail. By identifying these superfans, you could convince then to link them to you too. Even better, you could make them superfans of your brand, encouraging them to link to you more often.

Follow these steps to identify your competitor’s fanatics quickly;-

  • Go to site explorer
  • Enter your competitor’s domain then hit the best by links button.
  • Clean up the results by adding an HTTP status 200 filter
  • Copy the first ten URLs into the link intersect tool
  • Click on the ‘show link opportunities button, to display a list of readers with the most linked-to pages.

Final words

You may create some excellent links by looting your competitors’ backlinks. However, it is highly unlikely that you will outshine them by doing this as they will always be one step ahead of you. That is why you should use other tactics to get higher backlinks than your competitors.