How to select a good SEO company in Dubai

How to select a good SEO company in Dubai - ibgdigital

Very few people know exactly what to look at when selecting a good SEO company in Dubai to make their websites rank higher in search engines. To remain visible, one has to be very strategic about beating all the competition. Your best chance of remaining on top of the game is to select the right SEO Company in Dubai which is a tech hub with specific regions that are sorely focused on the internet.

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What makes Dubai special?

There is a huge similarity in how SEO is done in Dubai as compared to other parts of the world. However, there are a couple of very important aspects that have made the city stand out. These are:

  • There’s a large tech presence in Dubai
  • Companies in Dubai specializing in SEO have lots of experience in the industry
  • Targeting a different selection of keywords enables you to get the right traffic from the desired audience to your site
  • Being a multilingual city, companies leverage on covering all the languages which include English, Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, and Hindi.
  • Dubai SEO companies leverage the usage of Meta descriptions and keywords in the titles
  • The user influence for people visiting the city also plays a huge role in influencing your ranking

Factors to consider when selecting a good SEO company in Dubai

The growing industry in Dubai has resulted in SEO companies offering very competitive prices making it even more difficult to narrow down the search for a good SEO company. Here are other qualities that you need to look for:

  1. Check their portfolio

Their previous work helps you gauge their expertise. A good portfolio should mention their SEO services and methods.

Whenever possible, talk to people who have worked with the company in the past to tell you about their experience.

  1. Strategies

What ways does the company plan to use to improve the ranking of your website? Before they can answer this, they need to take time to perform a thorough site analysis. After, they’ll submit their results about the methods they recommend.

The SEO Company should have a good understanding of your website’s linking structure and come up with strategies to improve it.

  1. Communication

The team should regularly be in touch with you to tell you about the progress. As part of the updates, detailed reports should be sent every now and then to notify about the changes that are happening.

The reporting gives you the assurance that the company is doing its job well.

  1. Setting realistic milestones

The last thing on their mind should be making profits. A good company should prioritize the clients’ needs to make sure that they benefit from their services.

You also need to understand that SEO is a long-term effort so you shouldn’t expect results overnight.

  1. Customer Support

A good SEO Company should offer amazing customer support services.


Not so long ago, ranking on top of search engines was easier – all you needed to do was stuff keywords on a webpage. However, all that has changed now. Investing in a good SEO company in Dubai is the surest way to rank higher.

With so many factors influencing how well or how badly your website ranks in search engines, it means that you have to be very careful when selecting the right SEO Company. There’s no way you can rank higher unless you hire a company that comes up with a proper SEO strategy and employs the right SEO campaign.