How to write quality SEO-Friendly content

How to write quality SEO-Friendly content - ibgdigital

SEO-Friendly Content; what is it?

SEO-friendly content is content that is unique and has the relevant keywords to ensure it ranks high in search engines. To achieve SEO in your writing, relevant keywords are used in the title as well as the body of the text. However, these keywords need to be placed strategically for maximum results. With too many keywords, Google will categorize the site/ blog as spammy or irrelevant. On the other hand, having less than the recommended keywords causes Google to bury the site at the bottom of the search page.

How can you make your content SEO-friendly?

High-quality SEO content allows a business to grow without necessarily injecting additional finances into the marketing budget. Avoid spraying your pages with unnecessary keywords and use the below tips to enhance online visibility.

  • Use the Right Keywords

Contrary to popular belief, keyword research is still alive and a major aspect of effective SEO strategies. Keyword research allows a business owner to understand current trends in their niche, recognize search volumes for the different topics, and understand the probability of ranking high on a given topic.

For a fruitful content campaign, the page should have unique words and use variations of the same across the page.

  • Write High-quality Content

It does not matter how many of these keywords are in your page, without unique content, it is only a matter of time before the site’s rankings drop. One strategy Google uses to garner whether or not a website has relevant content is to look at the bounce rates. When visitors log on to your page, they are likely to leave in a few seconds if they do not get what they are searching for.  When such incidents are repetitive, Google assumes that clients are dissatisfied with your content, automatically sending you to the bottom of the search results.

So, for a solid SEO-friendly content strategy, make sure you have non-plagiarized content that is relevant to your target audience.

  • Optimize Images

Images indeed make a page appealing and interesting. Online consumers are more likely to share your content if you have relevant images. The graphics used also play a huge role in making visitors stay a little longer on your page.

  • Use Quality Links

High-quality links to various authoritative sites speak volumes on the quality of your content.

Target authority sites to get reputable backlinks related to your niche. For outbound links, also make sure they are authority sites and well trusted.

The Bottom Line

Every entrepreneur is looking for an opportunity to establish their brand as an authority in their niche. And one of the most effective ways is by optimizing web content for SEO. The above tips are instrumental in successful SEO strategies. Try them today for a chance to appear above your competitors in search engines.